VoltAire Systems Replacing a McLean T200216G150 in the Field

Here at VoltAire systems we talk about Discovering the VoltAire Difference. We focused on ease of accessibility, durability and serviceability for the products we manufacture here in Apopka, FL, USA. In this quick video, you will find two HOA members of a community in the Southeast region of Texas replace a Mclean T200216G150 for a VoltAire AN02; these are both 2,000 BTU Air Conditioners. We accommodate many direct replacements, if you have further interest; please follow this link: https://www.voltairesys.com/voltaire-systems-at-series-air-conditioners-and-adapter-plates/ which is on our webpage where we take a deep dive into our replacement portfolio.

The video shows how they received the unit, and then moves to the site location and install. Keep in mind these are not HVAC technicians or a Service Company. The two HOA members made this video and there was no script provided, so their reactions are genuine. The only instructions were to video the unboxing, removal of the McLean unit, and the installation of the VoltAire unit.

We can conclude that VoltAire truly delivers a user-friendly unit that most mechanically inclined or DIYers can successfully swap out a like for like unit in the field with no prior experience. We hope you find this install video useful and look forward to working with you in the future!

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