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VoltAire offers two product lines of heat exchangers, counter flow and cross flow, both are air-to-air closed loop systems that utilize coated aluminum cores for thermal transfer.  These products come standard with UL Type 4 rating for exterior use, with UL Type 4X optional.

Our heat exchangers are designed specifically for outside plant applications including telecom cabinet cooling, telecom enclosures, electronics cooling, as well as indoor or outdoor industrial applications. Series HIX utilizes our Cross Flow Plate Core technology. Series HTC utilizes our Counter Flow Plate Core and produces up to 25% more heat transfer versus a Cross Flow Plate Core in a like for like size core. This is due to the tubular rifled air paths in the Counter Flow Plate Core; please reference our video for further explanation on located on this page.

The standard Cross Flow product line includes nominal capacity of 18W/F to 55 W/F in 48VDC and select offerings in 115/230VAC voltages and the standard Counter Flow include nominal capacity of 15W/F to 90W/F in 48VDC voltages. If necessary custom sizes and capacities are available for consideration based on your specific design requirements. 48VDC units include modulating speed control and 115/230VAC are available with an optional on/off control.

Series HIX and HTC lines of heat exchangers are designed and UL certified per ANSI Standard 1995 and UL Type 4(X), and designed in accordance with GR-487.


Series HIX: Cross Flow

HIX Series heat exchangers are designed for use in industrial applications. They may be provided with epoxy-coated cores or other corrosion protective options, such as stainless steel.

Series Cooling Capacity: 18W/F - 33W/C to 55W/F - 99W/C

Series HTC: Counter Flow

VoltAire Systems HTC Series Counter Flow Heat Exchangers are designed to remove heat from cabinets that have sensitive electronics or telecommunications equipment. All of our heat exchangers are closed loop cooling, ensuring an interior cabinet environment free of dust and humidity.

Series Cooling Capacity: 15W/F - 27W/C to 90W/F - 162W/C

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