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VoltAire Systems Pressurization Modules are fan powered to provide positive pressure to a building or room. The module is designed to be economical and attach seamlessly to a wall mount HVAC unit. Pressure levels are manually adjusted using a rotary potentiometer. A mist eliminate and final filter reduce the amount dust or debris from entering the pressurized area. A separate building pressure monitoring station (sold separately) may be provided to allow the user to adjust the potentiometer to the desired building pressure.

Standard Features

  • Independent power supply
  • 1" Pre-filter/mist eliminator and 2" final filter
  • High efficiency centrifugal fan with high static pressure capability
  • Manual fan speed potentiometer/dial to adjust building pressure

Optional Features

  • Custom colors
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Shutdown low leakage damper
  • HVAC blower/fan interlock
  • Emergency shutdown terminals
  • Customization with additional airflow, additional static pressure, and/or 48VDC power supply


  • Data centers
  • Clean rooms
  • Battery rooms
  • Equipment buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities

Proudly Engineered, Tested, and Manufactured in the USA

Technical Data

Unit Information
Nominal Airflow (+/- 0.1” Bldg Pressure)300 CFM450 CFM
Operational Temperatures (°F / °C)-40 to 131 / -40 to 55
Electrical Data
Voltage (Single Phase / 50-60Hz)115VAC230VAC115VAC230VAC
Minimum Circuit Ampacity (Amps)3242
Max. Overcurrent Protection (Amps)5555
Physical Specifications
Weight (lbs/kg)34 / 15.436 / 16.3

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