VoltAire Systems HEX Unboxing and Installation Tutorial

In product design, VoltAire focused on ease of accessibility, durability and serviceability for the products we manufacture here in Apopka, FL, USA. We refer to this as Discovering the VoltAire Difference. In this quick video, we will unbox our HIX25 Heat Exchanger and provide an installation tutorial.

The video shows how the unit arrives, and then illustrates best install practices. Keep in mind these are very simple units straight out of the box and do not require an HVAC Technician for installation. The purpose of the video is to show just how easy the Heat Exchangers are to work with. The control board is set up at the VoltAire factory, which enables you to receive the Heat Exchanger ready to be installed out of the box!

VoltAire truly delivers a user-friendly unit that most will be able to install with ease. We hope you find this video useful and look forward to working with you in the future!

We accommodate a comprehensive selection of Heat Exchangers ranging from 15 W/F, 18 W/F, 20 W/F, 25 W/F, 35 W/F, 45 W/F, 55 W/F, up to 90 W/F. VoltAire offers two different types of heat exchangers, a Cross Flow and a Counter Flow. More details can be found about our Heat Exchanger options at:  https://www.voltairesys.com/products/heat-exchangers/industrial-cross-flow/ and https://www.voltairesys.com/products/heat-exchangers/telecom-counter-flow/

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