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VoltAire Systems offers two types of pressurization units: a self-contained stand-alone modulating Pressurization Unit (PU1600) for control and monitoring, and a Pressurization Module (PM300/PM450) that is designed to be integrated with a wall mount HVAC unit. These pressurization products provide independent positive pressure to buildings by utilizing a centrifugal fan to force introduction of outside air into the room/building after passing through a pre- and final filter.

Pressurization Unit (PU1600)

The PU1600 pressurization unit is a high airflow/high static pressurization system with a high efficiency ECM centrifugal fan with PLC digital monitoring and modulating control. The unit is designed to allow for a set point positive pressure, with automatic modulation for pressure monitoring and control. Outside pressurization air is filtered with a pre-filter and MERV 13 final filter.

Pressurization Module (PM300/450)

The pressurization module is a cost efficient method of providing positive pressure in a room or building, in conjunction with a wall mount HVAC. The module includes a centrifugal fan with manually adjustable CFM with a rotary dial. The module includes a mist eliminator and 2” filter. If a room pressure monitor is required, please inquire with your distributor as to a room pressure monitoring station option that can be used to manually set the pressurization airflow and monitor building pressure.

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