Temperature Control Board Functions


The temperature control board provides cooling and heating control (if the optional heater is included) with auto-change over between heating and cooling mode. The board includes adjustable DIP switches to allow user configuration of desired temperature alarming, and also provides testing and diagnosis functions. The board monitors temperature utilizing an onboard temperature sensor and remote sensor (installed as standard option), and the board temperature display function provides for temperature sensor reading verification for diagnostic purposes. The remote temperature sensor is connected to board and located within the interior cabinet section near the interior fan.

The board uses the remote temperature sensor for all operations. The onboard sensor is provided as a backup only with no effect on operation if the remote sensor is attached and functioning properly. The remote temperature sensor is installed within the interior fan section of the unit, however the remote temperature sensor includes a 6′ long lead wire and may be relocated outside of the unit, if deemed necessary by the installer or service technician. Be careful NOT to install the sensor in an area that is not properly conditioned by the unit (e.g. rear of cabinet obstructed by equipment resulting in insufficient airflow and conditioning), as that may result in the unit freezing and/or resulting in equipment damage.

In addition to monitoring temperature for alarming purposes, the controller utilizes an input from the high pressure switch. The pressure sensor is provided to prevent permanent damage of the system due to system failure or lack of maintenance, as well as to provide a trouble alarm (LED status lights and alarm output).

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