Discover the VoltAire Difference Electrical Tray

VoltAire Systems units are built to last with quality components, thorough factory run testing, plus our unique 5 Step Refrigerant System Integrity Test. We know that the market needs a simple layout with easily accessible components to allow ease for maintenance and service.

With our combined HVAC experience of 25 plus years, the team at VoltAire understands that capacitors, relays, and contactors have duty cycle times. Unfortunately, these types of components are going to fail at some point. Having this knowledge, one of the major questions in the industries we serve is linked to our product offering’s serviceability.

At VoltAire Systems we designed our units with the key factor of serviceability in mind. We understand the cost to roll a truck for service is expensive. Additionally, our customers might have trouble locating a specialty service provider that understands fractional tonnage and “backpack” style thermal management systems. VoltAire Systems took into account that a variety of HVAC technicians could be called upon to service our units and designed a platform welcoming to all specialties.

The picture below, on the left is the electrical panel of a typical residential unit, less the control board. Every HVAC tech is extremely familiar with these standard components, making maintenance and repair on the VoltAire unit a snap for any tech!

The picture below, on the right, is a typical VoltAire Electrical Tray, easily accessible once you remove our cosmetic cover and top cover.

VoltAire Electrical Tray
We use common capacitors, contactors, relays, and other parts found in every tech’s “bag of tricks”. VoltAire has designed our units to be intuitively serviceable.


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