VoltAire Systems AT 48VDC Air Conditioners

VoltAire Systems is excited to introduce our 48VDC Air Conditioner Line. Available models consist of a 4000 BTU, 6000 BTU, and 12000 BTU thermal management system. With a tailored design for energy-efficiency applications, each unit has onboard fan and compressor modulation to ensure you only utilize the amount of grid-power needed to reach desired cooling requirements. This serves a multi-functional thermal solution that will continue to operate under power outages with battery back-up and other off-grid applications. An Ethernet Controller option exists for those who are interested in remote monitoring.

The units in this line are superior to the industry standard 48VDC Air Conditioner. Not only is the line comprised of TRUE DC units, they are UL compliant based on the new 2022 Telecordia Specifications. Our UL file number is SA4898, we encourage you to visit UL’s website and explore our file in more detail.


Posted by VoltAire Systems